About Us


I guess the first thing we should share is that neither of us are expert bakers. Far from it. But we are avid learners and we want to share our journey with you.

Now, we're no strangers in a kitchen, we have extensive experience in the food and hospitality industry and together we had been catering to tech companies for the better part of three years before the world stopped due to pandemic. We quickly pivoted and through a partnership with Fuel The Superheroes started catering to front line workers. Catering to tech companies is no longer a viable business so we knew we had to create a plan that would allow us to continue to pursue our passion for food, for community and for continued education.

After a few months of deliberating we finally decided that we wanted to become better bakers, and to create a community of bakers of all skill levels, to share knowledge with, to learn from and to have a good time. And so we wanted to invite you to join us on our adventure. We'll challenge ourselves, push ourselves out of our comfort zones and we'll be better for it. And we couldn't be more excited to have you join us!

We're excited to learn, to socialize (virtually for now) and to indulge in our creations.

To learn more, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at info@quantumgreens.ca, and visit our Instagram at @quantumgreens.