I am a 31 year old female entrepreneur that has faced many unique challenges along my way.
When I found myself in a career as a high level executive assistant at Shopify, I felt stuck and overworked. I began building my side hustle, a health food catering company on the side of my 9-5. Eventually building this into a full time career which allowed me to leave corporate and work for myself.
This tapped into my full potential as an entrepreneur. It gave me the skills, confidence and network to start my dream business a year later, a boutique indoor cycling studio which opened in November 2019. Being faced with a global pandemic 4 short months after opening our doors, I have spent the last 4 years beating the odds and keeping my business going through it all.
As a young female entrepreneur I faced many obstacles along the way that I have learned best practices for managing to stay on track of my goals and I want to share and help you reach your fullest potential.
Lets work together to learn how to cope and manage the unique obstacles we as females face in todays society so you can pursue your goals.
What are you waiting for?